Our Team

We are extremely proud of the people and companies we work with.  Our primary business is the manufacture of specialized equipment for thermal enhanced oil recovery including Vacuum Insulated Tubing (VIT) and Once Through Steam Generators.  During the late 1990’s, when low oil prices collapsed, we used our mechanical engineering expertise to diversify into new business areas and markets.  Starting in 1998, we build a manufacturers’ representative organization specializing in engineered materials for sound, vibration and thermal control products.  Today, Industrial Technology Management, Inc. operates within two business segments as shown below:

Cooperative manufacturing partnerships for Vacuum Insulated Tubing and Once Through Steam Generators:

Oil Tech Services Inc.

Oil Tech Services, Inc.: Multilayered high vacuum insulted tubing for thermal enhanced oil recovery, annular pressure buildup control, and well stem testing.

BYIS Manufacturing LLC BYIS Manufacturing LLC: Once Through Steam Generators and water softening skids.

Manufacturers’ Representative for Sound, Vibration and Thermal Control Materials:

Polymer Polymer Technologies, Inc.: Is a leading manufacturer of noise reduction materials/molded foam products in the acoustical and thermal composites industry. www.polytechinc.com
sorbtex_industrial Voss Engineering, Inc.: Manufacturers of Bridge and Structural Expansion Bearings, Elastomeric Pads, Slide Bearings, and Vibration & Shock Damping Materials. www.vossengineering.com
Thermostatic Thermostatic Industries, Inc.: Stocking Distributor for High Temp Cloth, Thread, Tape, Sleeving, Rope, Insulation, Welding Blankets, and manufacturer of custom blankets. www.thermostatic.com
Briskheat BriskHeat, Inc.: Manufactures flexible surface heating elements and controls for the aviation biotech, food processing, laboratory, petrochemical, power generation, semiconductor, steel industries. www.briskheat.com

Global sub-representatives and partners:

Germany – Normec Oilfield Products, GmbH: Equipment for the oil and gas drilling and production industry. Principals include Elder Tool, Int., Hawk Industries, Double-E, and Weir SPM www.normec.de
Mexico – NorthPoint Drilling Systems: Specializes in the design and supply of specialized thermal completions systems for enhanced oil recovery including flow control devices, packers, wellheads, and VIT. www.northpointsystems.com
Turkey – Enpet: Provides drilling services and equipment to the oil & gas and geothermal industry www.enpet.com.tr
Oman and Middle East – Makman Trading Co LLC – Paul Vlaarkamp: 36 year career in Well Engineering with Shell International  
Brazil – Solucoes Integradas (Rio da Quitanda, Brazil): Commercial representative to oil, gas and power generation equipment. www.sipge.com.br