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Technical Papers: Document
SPE 153837 – What every engineer should know about Vacuum Insulated Tubing. SPE Paper 153837
SPE 113981 – New Advances and Historical Review of Insulated Tubing. SPE Paper 113837
SPE 153839 – Field Trials Using an All Metal Ring Seal Floating Packer. SPE Paper 153839R1


Technical Documents & Presentations:
Specification, Rev. 6, dated 24 July 2011. OTSI General Specification, Rev. 6
Multiple Layers of Insulation. MLI Insulation – Photo
Welding. Welding
Prestress Operation. Prestress Operation
Temperature Programmed Desorption Process (Bake-out). Temperature-programmed desorption (TPD)
K-Factor Testing. K-Factor Testing
Connection Options and Anti Galling Coating. Connection Options and Anti Galling