Welcome to Industrial Technology Management

Industrial Technology Management, Inc. (ITM) is a California corporation formed in 1995 with mission to provide the highest level of engineering and technical skills for the benefit of our customers and our manufacturing partners. Our customers are divided into two business segments: The first are oil producers using vacuum insulated tubing and once through steam generators for thermal enhanced oil recovery. The second are customers geographically located on the West Coast USA purchasing engineered materials for sound control, vibration damping, temperature control, and thermal insulation.

Thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery

  • Multilayered High Vacuum Insulated Tubing (VIT)
    • Steam Injection
    • Permafrost Protection
    • Deepwater Annulus Pressure Buildup Protection
  • Once Through Steam Generators and water treatment plants
  • Ring Seal Thermal Packers
  • AnnuVac (under development and patent pending being a method of reducing steam injection well annulus pressures)

Sound, Vibration and Thermal Control Products

  • Polymer Technologies – acoustical (sound) control materials
  • Voss Engineering – structural bearings, bridge bearing, and vibration damping pads
  • Thermostatic Industries – high temperature insulating materials including custom engineered removable, reusable and flexible insulation blankets
  • BriskHeat Corporation – heating elements, temperature control, instrumentation & enclosure heaters, and composite curing

Our objective is to focus the ability and competencies of our employees to help our customers solve problems in conjunction with the unique alliances and partnerships we have with various manufacturers of specialized equipment and materials. We are an engineering, technology, and sales driven company able to tackle complex business opportunities and markets.